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Upon receiving your nappy a wash is essential to create absorbency and eliminate any factory residue.

Once used a rinse before wash is recommended for heavily soiled nappies as it ensures you’re washing with cleaner water.  


Get to know your washing machine and bear in mind that if you do not have a rinse feature a prewash can be lengthy and consume just as much water as a regular wash.


A good spin speed is also necessary to eliminate as much dirty water as possible. If your machine doesn’t have a good spin speed give it another whirl after the wash.


If you have other brands which have Velcro fasteners please ensure they are closed in order to prevent them snagging onto everything and damaging other nappies.


Line drying is always the best option for environmental reasons. Get to know where the drying sweet spots are in or around the house. Remember heat rises so the higher they are from the ground the faster they will dry. 


Get to know how long things take to dry at any given time of the day, night or year!

Our wraps will have a much faster drying time than the inserts. Inserts are thicker and absorb a lot of water.

Tumble-drying the wraps is not recommended. The inserts however can be tumble-dried at low heat.

Wash your nappies regularly. 2/3 days max between washes or rinse in-between full wash days.

Some disposable liners can be washed again until threadbare. You will notice some brands may shrink in the wash a little each time. Reusable fleece liners can be used too and are kinder to your baby’s skin and environment.


Leaks are usually caused by ill-fitting nappies or over saturation. It is always recommended to try before you commit to a full stash of nappies. Your child may grow and the nappy will no longer be as effective as it once was.

As your child gets older you may notice the nappies become more saturated and can cause leaks. This may vary depending on how much or little your child urinates. Some are more heavier wetters than others. This simply means you boost according to what your child requires. You can buy extra boosters or be resourceful with old towels you may have already. Every child is individual and may require a little trial and error to find the right amount of boosting needed.


We encourage our clients to care and extend the life of the nappies as much as possible and when your little one no longer needs them to seek out nappy networks in your community where you can sell pre-loved nappies.



Gibraltar Reusable Nappy Network

The Nappy Lady Pregnancy, Baby & Parenting Group

If your nappy has delaminated over time please consider creative ways in which to recycle the fabric. Our prints are made with longevity in mind so if you choose to make a scrunchie or necklace out of the fabric, it may appeal to people of all ages not just kids!

We would love to see the fabric being put to good use or in creative projects. Please make sure to send us photos of all the amazing creative uses you find for it!

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